CORE 50th conference – May 27, 2016

Event Description

A scientific session on Computational Challenges in Energy is organized in the frame of the CORE 50th anniversary conference with the sponsorship of the Engie Chair.


The production planning of power systems involving both hydro and thermal generation can be extremely difficult from a computational point of view. Multiple aspects make the problem hard and cannot usually be neglected: non-convexities related to hydro reservoirs, river flows, start-up costs and minimum output requirements, stochasticity of water inflow, net electricity demand and fuel cost, and the sheer size of the instances measured by the number of power plants, nodes in the power network and span of the time horizon.

Event slides and videos

Anthony Papavasiliou session: 
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Andy Sun session:
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Alex Shapiro session:
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Mario Pereira session:
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Auditoires Agora
Place Agora
1348 Louvain-la-Neuve

Event Schedule

09:00-09:40 Anthony Papavasiliou (CORE, Université catholique de Louvain)

Solving Stochastic Unit Commitment at Industrial Scale through Parallel Computing: A Case Study of Central Western Europe Video Presentation

09:40-10:20 Andy Sun (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Large-Scale Optimization in Electric Energy Systems: Dealing with Nonconvexity, Dynamics, and Uncertainty

10:20-10:40 Coffee Break

10:40-11:20 Alex Shapiro (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Risk Neutral and Risk Averse Approaches to Multistage Stochastic Programming Presentation

11:20-12:00 Mario Pereira (PSR)

Stochastic Programming Models for Energy Planning

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